Monday, February 12, 2007


It must have been ages since I last made any entry at this blog.
There are still a lot of things that need to be said. But due to the time constrains, I never seem to have the time to make any new updates.
Okla, let me just briefly updates what have been happening for the past 2-3 months.


- I worked at the Warwick Accommodation for about 3 weeks.

- Went to London with Rizal and stayed at Wan's crib. Had small gathering for my birthday. Then we came back to Coventry. Had the so called "surprised" birthday dinner with Dian, Hannah and Rizal. LOL. Thanks to all for the wishes + cards + dinner treats.

- I celebrated Christmas by having a small Christmas gathering/dinner with Dian and Hannah. We all ate like pigs (honestly x tipoo. Dian and Hannah ate 6/7 pieces of chickens). Thanks for Hannah and Dian for keeping me a company during the Christmas when both of my house mates fled away to some other

- Note: I did not do any boxing day shopping this year as I have already spent most of my allowance paying for my credit card bills ( I shopped like a mad person when I was in Malaysia, and that really put me into deep water. I will NEVER do such thing again. Apros + Kaslam + Shah, please do not lead me into more lavish spending when we are back in Malaysia next time yeah!!)hehe.

- I went to Spain and Portugal for 7 days trip together with Rizal and Wan. We visited Porto, Lisbon and Madrid. Despite getting almost broke when I was there (my credit card was bounced when we were in Lisbon, and I only had very limited cash on hands), I would say that the experience was truly worthwhile. We returned home on 5 January.

- 31 December 2006. Amidst the Eid celebration observed by Muslims all over the world, the USA and the Iraqi government decided to proceed with Saddam Hussein's execution and he was executed in such inhumane and degrading manner. He was verbally tortured and assaulted before he was executed. I was half awake when I watched the news on TV broadcasting his execution and pronounced that the former Iraqi leader was finally dead at his own rope.


- I guess I must have lost all of my memories in January as I cannot remember anything significant happening in January. All I can remember was that I keep on getting those annoying calls from Natwest and Carphone Warehouse asking me to pay for my bills, and I gave the same lame excuse - allowance x masuk lagi!!.lol

- Mid January. I started busy practicing for the Warwick Malaysia Night. I took part in the Bangra and Kurik Kundi dance for the event. I at the same time also got contracted with flu/cold/cough/high fever - possibly from one of the people from the MNite Practice, or more probably from NORSHIDA razali - she had the flu first, and I got it few days after that. A mere coincidence? I do not think jgn marah ek NORSHI.. But thank God I have fully recovered from any sickness now.


- The Mnite 2007. From what I heard, the turnout was less than last year. Nevertheless, everything went well that night. But funny thing happened when we were about to come out to stage performing the Kurik Kundi dance. I had difficulties in getting the guys to get into their costumes, and it turned out that the music started so damn early that the guys missed the earlier part of the performance. lol. We only came out quite late during the performance, but luckily we managed to pull it off together. Ah, apart from the great play, dancing and fantastic dikir performances, people have been complaining about the food served during the dinner.

- Last week. Heavy snow fell in Coventry for two days!! It was fun during the 1st day, but I was really annoyed by it after a while. My shoes + jacket were all soaking wet and the road was badly congested due to the snow took me more than an hour to get back home from campus. Nevertheless, I had fun building the snowman and indulging myself into snowball fight. LOl.

- NOW. The fun is over!! I am at the library working on my international law essay which is due on next Monday. Well, currently I cannot absorb anymore from the reading, so I decided to take a short break and started updating my blog

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Memory Pill

What if I say that somewhere in the near future, we would be able to get rid all sort of traumatic memory from our mind? As crazy as it may sound, this might indeed be feasible as scientists are now developing the new memory drug called propranolol (Click here to watch a video programme on this) which could weaken our memory on things that we do not want to remember. Most people might find it cool, but it is such a weird and freaky idea to me, not to mention that it is unethical too (lawyers and lawyers wannabe sometimes do concern about ethics!!).

We all learn from our experience, and those experiences, be it the bad or the good one made the person who we are right now. It is my belief that we should never have regrets for all the unpleasant things which have happened in our lives, instead we should learn from it, and bear it in our mind so that we would not repeat the same mistake twice in our lives. If one possesses a belief in God, he or she ought to believe that thing happens for a reason in life, and we should take everything that happens as a lesson to us.I could not agree more on the skeptics of this new memory drug of which one of them argued that our experience in life, no matter traumatic it could be to us, is still a survival mechanism for us.

However, I am speaking on behalf of someone who never had a traumatic experience in life. Those who had a traumatic experience in life (being raped, witnessed to a murder and so forth) would view if differently.As far as I am concerned, I never had any trauma to anything. Surely I had bad experiences, a lot of those, but eventually I bounce back into reality soon after I get over with it.

All I am saying is that we should take life as the way it is. Do have no regrets, but take lesson from it just for our future sake. Sometimes I do wish that I have chosen a different path in life. But then again, there is no way that I can tell that even if I chose to do it differently, I would have led a better life, can I? So, I take my life as the way it is.God certainly has His own plan for me and also to all of us.


On a different note, winter break will start in less than two weeks time. Ha Ha. I really cannot wait for that. Law school is really driving me nuts. Jeez, I think I am balding faster than anyone else at my age, and my body is aching all over the place.Ha Ha. I long for a break, for a vacation......

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend updates!!

Geez, what a great weekend!!
It was tiring but a whole lot of fun!!
As mentioned before, today is Rizal's 21st birthday, so we all ( 1 Kingsland Ave with Dian & Hannah) decided to call it for a celebration. yeay!!
So we went out earlier tonight to dine at a local diner and arrived at the place a moment later. Dian walked from her house but Hannah chose to ride on the bus (even though their house is only a stone's throw away).. Girls will always be girls aight?:P

Anyway, we all went inside, and started ordering the food and drinks. When we were eating, Rizal called up the waiter, asking him to take our pictures together at the table. Here's what happened;

Rizal; Excuse me, can you please take our picture together?

Waiter; Yeah sure, hold on for a sec ( walking towards the kitchen bringing along some drinking glasses with him, and then he came back to us)

Waiter: How do you like me standing like this? (While leaning towards the wall with some freaky pose).

We were all stunned for a second. I tried to conceive of what in the name of God that he was trying to do. A moment later, we all bursted into hysterical laugh (especially me, I really cant control myself at that time). Poor guy!!That waiter actually misinterpreted of what Rizal said to him and thought that we wanted to take his photo. (what the heck? who the hell does he think he is? Jonathan Rhyss Meyers? :P). But seriously, I couldn't help myself but laugh out loud and almost got choked with the ice cream for that. Ha Ha. To think logically, why would us want to have his photo in the very first place,aight? That totally serves no purpose to us ( Well, maybe not to Hannah.. she likes dark, talk and handsome guy, and loves a guy in uniform..hahaha) Geez.. that was so weird.

And ouh, before that, when we were all ordering for desserts, Hannah did ask for something which sounds a bit awkward, and for someone who is not so naive like me, something nasty easily came across my mind. Ha Ha. But I shall not elaborate further on this, otherwise someone will come and smack me with her piggy ( by that i mean Pinky) file.. He He..

But seriously, egg man? you want to have oval shape and yellow egg man ice cream for your dessert? and you prefer it to be in large size? Ha Ha. What were you thinking huh? Ha ha, poor Hannah. well, she didn't really say this, at least not in a direct manner. But it was me who exaggerated this to spice the things up. he He. Dont be mad at me k? :P

HeHe. Nevertheless, we all had a wonderful night. We all came back with bloated stomach. And for the birthday boy, Happy 21st Birthday. Btw, here are some of the photos which were taken during the dinner.

This what we had for dinner. Chicken Tandoori, another chicken dishes, and prawn dishes.

I was concentrating on my food.

I almost choked myself with this ice cream when the waiter tried to be funny.

*Disclaimer; This photo is intended for display purpose only, without having any ulterior motives* He He.